10 Most Popular Dance Songs of All Time

With the help of our new list – the 10 Most Popular Dance Songs of All Time you’ll have the party exploding right from the start. If you are not into dancing that much, maybe The 10 Most Popular Songs of All-Time will be more your cup of tea. However, if you want to make a really good party, you’ve got to make the people dance. And these 10 dance songs are unmatched, if we look at their popularity, success and, of course, that special vibe that keeps us all from sitting down. We guarantee you’ll have yourself a good time while checking out these cool and great hits, which can never get old. Don’t believe those who tell you “these songs are ancient”.

Most Popular Dance Songs of All Time


We can safely say, it’s a fact – the best dance & party songs were made in the late 20th century, because people knew how to entertain themselves, better than today. So, here you’ll get the chance to remind them of just what makes a party what it is, and why these songs wear the label “classics”.  Anyway, it is hard to measure popularity of a song, as we have already mentioned many times in our past lists. Really, the only criteria with these songs was: if you hear the intro of the song and still haven’t found yourself in an explosion of pure joy and body-moving ecstasy, it’s not top 10 material. Rest assured, the ones we did put on themost popular dance songs of all time list, will make you feel every bit of a dancing maniac, if you’re not too shy, of course.

10. Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

Don’t judge us for not giving this incredible song a higher rank, we’re sure you are asking yourself “If this is #10, what’s in the 1st place?” A song by Donna Sumer, “Hot Stuff” is ranked 10th in our list, but is also one of our favorites. From the album Bad Girls, released in 1979, it is 100% party stuff.

Most Popular Dance Songs of All Time