10 Most Lucrative and Least Stressful Law Specialties

If you want to deal with rights and become a lawyer, do you know which are most lucrative and least stressful law specialties?

We’ve all seen all the classic movies centered around lawyers, and we all know the amount of work it takes to become an attorney. Between getting into and making it through law school and passing the BAR exam, it’s no easy journey, but it definitely pays off in the end. Many lawyers get into the practice because they have a passion to help others, which is probably even more rewarding in the long run. However, having the title of attorney, especially when it comes to some of the most difficult areas of law, also can mean enduring long hours and many nights burning the midnight oil.

10 Most Lucrative and Least Stressful Law Specialties

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If you’re not only after money and are looking for some of the least stressful law practices, you’re in the right place. When it comes to the easiest fields of law to practice or the easiest type of law to practice, there really aren’t any. Obviously, some areas are less stressful and time-consuming than others, but none of it is “easy.” However, there are some lists of both easiest fields of law to practice and hardest fields of law to practice we compiled a while ago, and you can take a look at it, just to get a whole picture when it comes fields of law.

Not long ago, many people wondered if the number of lawyers would exceed the number of available jobs in the United States, especially during the recession. There are more than a million lawyers in the U.S. right now, and that number is steadily growing. Luckily, as in most fields, the better the economy, the more jobs there are. Right now, some of the most in demand law fields include intellectual property, corporate law, and healthcare law. These can even equate to some of the highest paying law fields depending on where you are working.

If we are talking about most lucrative law specialties, we were guided by the fact that the average annual salary of lawyers in a particular area. For this list, we compared average annual salary using sites like PayScale, LawCrossingLearn and Google. We also roughly took into account which specialties are considered to be “least stressful” by nature and average work hours.

Let’s dive right in to our list of most lucrative and least stressful law specialties.