10 Most in Demand Programming Languages to Learn in 2017

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Programming is a booming career path, and if it’s something you’re interested in you should take a look at the 10 most in demand programming languages to learn in 2017.

There are a lot of programming languages to choose from when you want to learn programming in general. They pretty much all have the same basic concepts, but some have different features that are desired for certain functions. The future of programming is difficult to predict, as with all job markets, but we can take a look at the trends and current figures to determine what’s good to learn this year so you can be on your way to a job.

In order to rank the programming languages, I took into consideration the statistics in the IEEE Spectrum and the TIOBE Index for January 2017. To solidify my rankings I took to the internet. The more a language is searched for and mentioned online, the more popular the language is; therefore, it’s likely to be one of the 10 most in demand programming languages to learn. I also checked out the available jobs on online job boards to see which ones yield the greatest number. This indicates the greatest demand because so many companies are seeking it.

Programming is a great job for anyone with an analytical or mathematical mind. It’s an ever-changing career because websites and apps are always being developed and changed, so companies need programmers to make sure everything works properly. Most programmers know several languages to write their scripts in but have greater skill in one area. When I learned programming I went with Javascript to start because it looked the most complex, and I’ve found that everything I’ve tried afterward has been a little simpler. It’s all a matter of personal preference to a degree, but there are some that are the most in demand to learn.

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Without further ado, we present you 10 most in demand programming languages to learn in 2017!

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