10 Most Famous Hollywood Socialites

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Among all the socialites making the news, which are the most famous Hollywood socialites who are creating the stir around the world? In case you are still wondering who the socialites are, well, they are the eyeball grabbers from the upper class who are under the constant spotlight for their social standing, lavish parties and activities.

Think “Gossip Girl” and you’ll know what we are talking about. We are talking about the real life Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorfs, whose fashion experimentations become statements and infamous incidents become the trending stories in no time. They have the paparazzi following them everywhere and though nobody is quite sure what they are famous for, they just are!

While some use their riches to set up a career for themselves – in movies, music, etc., others just strut their stuff and everything they do seem to turn into the latest trend. Well, talking about trends, see who else has been trending with our other list of 10 Biggest Youtube Sensations in 2015.

It may be hard for us to decode as to why socialites are as famous as they are, but we can definitely tell you who is reigning the social circle at the moment. We tracked the social media trends to arrive at our list, by determining the number of followers each socialite has on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and scored them accordingly. And, thereby, we present to you one solid list of the who’s who on the socialite roster.

From the Kardashians to Hilton, are you wondering who is going to take the crown for the most famous Hollywood socialite ever? Here’s the list!

11. Allison Melnick

Fame Level: 10

Some might remember seeing her on Paris Hilton’s reality TV show, “The World According to Paris”, but Allison Melnick has more than that achievement under her belt. This socialite from Long Island is also owns a bar in Los Angeles.

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