10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in France

Living in France is the dream! But when you are in the most expensive cities to live in France, the dream can prove to be a tad difficult on the pockets. Well, France has its affordable choices available as well, but if you are thinking Paris, be prepared to shell out a mini fortune.

Of course, Paris is known to be one of the most beautiful and costliest cities in the World. And, it does have its charm too. But, some other cities in the country don’t fall too far behind. The real estate and rent costs are particularly high in some of these cities, and some are even catching up to Paris.

10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in France


We often talk about how some countries are more expensive than others. Like moving to certain Asian countries can, in fact, prove to be a profitable venture for American or European nationals. However, sometimes we tend to ignore the fact that prices prevailing in a country can also vastly vary between different cities. For instance, in the 10 Most Expensive Cities to live in Canada, we find prices and costs of living are skyrocketing compared to elsewhere in the country.

To determine the most expensive cities to live in France we used Numbeo’s report on Cost of Living in French cities to find the cities with the highest prevailing prices. We also checked the cities where real estate prices are the highest according to Global Property Guide and The Paris Property Group. By adding extra points for high real estate and property prices to the initial Numbeo list we reached upon the rankings for our comprehensive list which looks at all components of costs in a particular city.

So is all this making you super curious about your French dream? Regardless the fact that it can get super-expensive, France will make you fall in love with it. And, the city of lovers, Paris will make you say “Je Suis Sous Le Charme!” Even though, Paris is a no-brainer on this list. But which are the other contenders? Keep reading to find out!