10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

If you have a pregnant friend or family member, you’re definitely going to want to read through this list of the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman to ensure that you’re not pissing her off by asking her any is this. You won’t even have to ask her, because coming from a woman who is currently in her fourth pregnancy, and has been asked every single one of these questions dozens of times, I’m going to go ahead and give you the answers. The honest answers! The answer that would be in the back of your pregnant friend’s mind, and if she’s anything like me would be too polite to spit out.

Don’t have a pregnant friend, you say? That’s okay. I got you covered there, too with the list of the 10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask Your Friends. You’ll either get some fresh ideas on how to annoy your friends if you happen to be that asshole who enjoys that sort of thing, or you might even uncover the painful truth that you are that annoying friend that all your friends wish they didn’t have. Worth a look either way!

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


Now, coming up with the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman wasn’t quite as easy of a task as I thought it was going to be. Obviously, I am but one pregnant woman among many and didn’t want to assume that the same questions that get under my skin are the same questions that would irk another pregnant woman. So, naturally, I felt the need to do a search on Google to confirm that other pregnant women do, in fact, find these questions as annoying as I do. To my surprise, Google suggested a lot of things that annoy pregnant woman in general as opposed to specific questions that will annoy a pregnant woman. The lists that I did come across with specific questions weren’t quite what I was looking for.

So, me being the smarty-pants that I am, I thought to look at some of the forums on these sites. Popular pregnancy sites like, what to expect, BabyCenter, and baby gaga to name a few. Along with articles they had pertaining to the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman came a slew of pregnant women going on and on in the comments about what types of questions they are being asked that they absolutely can’t stand. Bingo! This is more like what I was looking for! And lucky for you, I took the liberty of reading through pages and pages of angry women ranting about what questions they are getting tired of politely answering throughout their pregnancy. The questions they know no one cares to even hear the answers to and can’t understand why they keep getting asked. The questions that are often nobody’s business. The questions that are about to be revealed to you and thus, giving you no need to ever have to annoy a pregnant woman by asking her. You’re welcome! So, let’s see the list most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman.