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10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

If you have a pregnant friend or family member, you’re definitely going to want to read through this list of the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman to ensure that you’re not pissing her off by asking her any is this. You won’t even have to ask her, because coming from a woman who is currently in her fourth pregnancy, and has been asked every single one of these questions dozens of times, I’m going to go ahead and give you the answers. The honest answers! The answer that would be in the back of your pregnant friend’s mind, and if she’s anything like me would be too polite to spit out.

Don’t have a pregnant friend, you say? That’s okay. I got you covered there, too with the list of the 10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask Your Friends. You’ll either get some fresh ideas on how to annoy your friends if you happen to be that asshole who enjoys that sort of thing, or you might even uncover the painful truth that you are that annoying friend that all your friends wish they didn’t have. Worth a look either way!

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


Now, coming up with the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman wasn’t quite as easy of a task as I thought it was going to be. Obviously, I am but one pregnant woman among many and didn’t want to assume that the same questions that get under my skin are the same questions that would irk another pregnant woman. So, naturally, I felt the need to do a search on Google to confirm that other pregnant women do, in fact, find these questions as annoying as I do. To my surprise, Google suggested a lot of things that annoy pregnant woman in general as opposed to specific questions that will annoy a pregnant woman. The lists that I did come across with specific questions weren’t quite what I was looking for.

So, me being the smarty-pants that I am, I thought to look at some of the forums on these sites. Popular pregnancy sites like, what to expect, BabyCenter, and baby gaga to name a few. Along with articles they had pertaining to the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman came a slew of pregnant women going on and on in the comments about what types of questions they are being asked that they absolutely can’t stand. Bingo! This is more like what I was looking for! And lucky for you, I took the liberty of reading through pages and pages of angry women ranting about what questions they are getting tired of politely answering throughout their pregnancy. The questions they know no one cares to even hear the answers to and can’t understand why they keep getting asked. The questions that are often nobody’s business. The questions that are about to be revealed to you and thus, giving you no need to ever have to annoy a pregnant woman by asking her. You’re welcome! So, let’s see the list most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman.


10. Was it planned? / Were you trying to get pregnant?

Honestly, you wouldn’t think so many people would be interested in whether or not your unborn child was an accident, but it’s amazing how often this question will pop up throughout a woman’s pregnancy. For whatever reason, every doctor you visit is going to need to know if you mistakenly ended up with a baby in your belly, and even though I don’t particularly see how that bit of inside info is crucial or even necessary for he/she to determine whether or not you and your baby are healthy, I don’t argue and I answer honestly.

But I don’t stand alone when I say, “this is really nobody’s business!” Unfortunately, (and especially if you were brought up in a Christian family) the people most interested in the answer to this question are typically family members. That’s definitely the group of people you would least likely want to share this with.

It’s really okay to let those bold enough to ask you this know that it’s none of their business. But if you’d rather put it a tad more gently, just simply say, “I really don’t see why that matters,” because, in all reality, it’s a little too late to be trying to figure out if this all happened by accident.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman



9. Do you want more after this? / Is this your last one?

Here’s another sort of awkward question on our list of most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman, and apparently, I’m not the only pregnant chick who thinks it’s weird for people to subtly pry into your sex life. With my first, I always got “do you want more after this?” To which I thought, “more what? Misery? No, thank you. I hope I feel a bit more myself once I push this baby out!” Obviously, they meant children, but it’s a little early to be asking this question considering—the baby’s not here, yet! How could you rightfully know if you want more? And suddenly after one baby, it’s now, “is this your last one?”

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


8. Are you having any weird cravings? / Are you craving pickles and ice cream?

Why do people think it’s a good idea to ask a pregnant woman about their cravings. To crave means to greatly or eagerly desire or yearn for something. So it would make sense, right? Asking a pregnant woman what type of food they desire most.  Unless you plan on supplying her with whatever she says, at this point, it’d be smart to just keep your mouth shut because chances are she’s most likely not going to be able to stop thinking about whatever whacky combination of food she so desires until she gets it and she’ll hate you for every minute she doesn’t have said food combo in her possession just for mentioning it.  And speaking of wacky food combinations, asking about pickles and ice cream is just dumb! Not only is pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream such a distorted cliché, put many pregnant women can get sick on just the thought of something that gross!

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


7. When are you due?

We are continuing our list of most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman with one that doesn’t seem like that bad of a question. It shows that you’re interested and it’s not too intrusive. Only one problem. Us pregnant broads are getting asked this ALL THE TIME! Not only are we constantly hearing “when are you due” every time we turn around, but we know that you don’t really care. You know how we know that you really don’t care? BECAUSE YOU’LL KEEP ASKING US! “I’m sorry, when are you due, again? I forget.”

As a pregnant woman, the more you come into contact with people, the more you will hear this question and the more you will begin to hate it as much as the rest of us pregnant ladies!

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


6. Do you know what you’re having?

“I’ll tell you I’m NOT having a Rottweiler, that’s for sure!” (You’ll have some crazy dreams while you’re pregnant… My mother dreamt I was a Rottweiler. I only wish I had such pleasantly comical “nightmares”). No, for real, though it is common knowledge that pregnant women will eventually give birth to a human baby. Some babies may come sooner, some take a little extra time to cook, but one thing is certain we’re not talking about vending machines here, where you put your quarter in and cross your fingers you get the temporary tattoo you want. Everybody seems interested in knowing whether or not you know if that baby is going to be male or female, but unless the person asking is interested because he or she is planning on purchasing something for your baby, it gets old! In the third or fourth month if and when you find out what you are having, it’s exciting and a lot of times you want everyone to know, but after a month or so, you’re tired of being asked and start to wish everyone caught the post on Facebook months ago when you announced the sex.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


5. Do you have any names picked out?

There’s a reason why the last two questions on ur list of most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman came before this one. It’s because everybody asks these questions to pregnant women and I’m not the only one who’s picked up on the fact that the interrogation begins with being asked when you’re due, followed by what you’re having and wrapped up with what names you have picked out for your baby. I have found that pregnant women are so tired of answering these three questions that many contemplate making a t-shirt that answers them, specifically, because they are just THAT tired of answering them. Think about it, I mean, no matter how excited one can be about her pregnancy she has 40 weeks of being asked these three questions over and over and over again! She knows you really don’t care what the answers to these questions are some women like to keep what they are having and the name of their baby a mystery.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman



4. Can I touch your belly?

As creepy as this question is, I gotta say, at least you have the decency to ask. Although it is one of the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman, you’d be surprised how many folks will neglect even asking and just put their hands on your belly! I once was on the phone walking around the mall and found myself with some strange woman—who came out of nowhere!—crassly putting her hands all over my pregnant belly! Quite frankly, it’s beyond weird, and I speak for all pregnant women when I say, “no! I do not want you touching my belly.” And ladies, it’s really not rude at all to say “no” to someone who asks to touch your belly. After all, it is your body and just because you are carrying a child in your belly doesn’t make it any less bizarre for someone to ask to touch it. Maybe if you come back with something like, “only if I can touch yours, first” people will start to get the hint on how strange it actually is to go around asking others to touch their belly.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman

Blend Images/


3. How are you feeling?

Sounds like a rather typical question, right? Wrong! The average person would ask another average person quite simply, “how are you?” But suddenly, when you are pregnant everyone wants to know how you are feeling. Your spouse, your parents, your grandma, your friends, your doctor, even random strangers you bump into are all of a sudden going to act like they care about how you are feeling! As a pregnant woman, you may be asked this by every single person you come into contact with, and you know what? Nobody wants to hear it! Let’s see what next on our list of most annoying questions to ask a Pregnant woman.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


2. Still no baby? / You’re STILL pregnant?

A pregnant woman may only be asked this a few times during her pregnancy. But being asked “still no baby?” or something of the like even once is enough to generate thoughts of your death in her mind. If you’re seeing her, still with a bump in her belly and no baby in her arms, then it is painfully obvious that she is indeed still pregnant, and there is no need to bring that to her attention, as she has been wondering the same thing for weeks now! Trust me! Once a woman gets to a certain point in her pregnancy, she’s ready!

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman


1. Are you sure you’re not having twins?

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Out of all of the 10 most annoying questions to ask a pregnant woman, this is by far the one that is going to get to her the most. Might as well just say, “damn! You got fat,” because that is what she’s hearing instead. It’s pretty common for women to be a bit self-conscious about their weight, and being pregnant doesn’t change that. No matter if they have barely put on weight during their pregnancy, she is still going to feel like she is turning into a beluga whale and the absolute worst thing you could possibly do is to reinforce that thought in her mind.

10 Most Annoying Questions to Ask a Pregnant Woman