10 Most Advanced Countries in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most important fields out there currently, and the most advanced countries in engineering have taken full advantage of this fact. The world would basically fail to operate if engineering was not a viable profession. In fact, even the current technological innovations would probably not be made at this pace if it wasn’t for engineering. It is a widely held belief that the reason the US was able to utterly and completely dominate the world market in the 20th century was due to the development of the engineering courses taught at various universities throughout the United States of America. Engineering combines the theoretical part of science with the practical and hence, is a proper demonstration of innovation and thus, integral to innovation as well.

While the United States was absolutely dominant in engineering in the 20th century, that position may now be in threat, as developments in technology may no longer make the US the holy grail for engineers. Instead, European nations have become dream destinations for engineers as well, while in Asia, China’s bustling economy has led to a huge demand in engineers.

10 Most Advanced Countries in Engineering


Of course, engineering isn’t only about innovation. It is integral to the way we develop as a society and ensures that we are able to manage our resources and use them in the most effective manner. Without engineering, we would have none of the infrastructure necessary to develop. Without engineering, we would be unable to harness and use electricity in a variety of beneficial ways. Without engineering, we wouldn’t even be able to have access to sewage systems, a system which was first designed thousands of years ago. Indeed, it would be safe to consider engineering to be one of the most crucial professions of a developed civilization.

Advancements in engineering are absolutely necessary to ensure that resources are used in the best possible manner, while ensuring sustainability as well. This is why the most advanced countries in engineering have dedicated a significant portion of their budgets in research and development to ensure that engineering processes are not only efficient, but also friendly towards the environment. Thus, there is a major connection between countries which are advanced in engineering and the 10 most advanced countries in science, and you will find a lot of countries which are present in both the lists.

Determining which country is the most advanced in engineering is a pretty arduous task, mainly because engineering has many fields and few objective criteria for judgment. Furthermore, up to date research on this topic is pretty rare as well. Hence, we had to rely on a report by Times Higher Education and we used two criteria for our list. The first was the number of papers published pertaining to engineering for each country. The second was the number of citations pertaining to engineering made by each country. Using multiple criteria helps rule out the inherent biases present in each criterion, and thus, presents a much more objective and accurate ranking. With this in mind, here’s to learning more about the most advanced countries in engineering: