10 Least Aerodynamic Cars Ever Made

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Which are the 10 least aerodynamic cars ever made? Do Fiat Multipla, the AMC Pacer or Pontiac Aztec belong on the list? Although those are some weird looking cars the answer is no, this is not the ugliest car competition.

We are here to talk about the aerodynamics. So, what is the aerodynamic of a car and how it is measured? The aerodynamic of a car is expressed by so-called drag coefficient value, or Cd in short. The drag force of a moving car is parallel with the airflow, so the drag coefficient of a car is observed and measured in the wind tunnel. Drag coefficient describes how smoothly car passes the air during the drive, and it grows as the speed increases. So, the lower the Cd value is, the more aerodynamic a car is. Although the more precise expression of aerodynamics is obtained by taking in count also the frontal area of a car, which gives the total drag index, Cd is commonly solely used for ranking the aerodynamics of a car.


Decreasing cars’ Cd value entails among other good things the lesser fuel consumption and better stability during the drive. Therefore engineers and designers try to reduce the drag coefficient as much as possible if their goal is gaining the streamlining. Some of the characteristics of an aerodynamic car design are: avoiding the sharp edges, round and slanted frontal area, also minimized sticking out of certain elements such as lights and wheel arcs. First, that comes to mind are robust, sharp-edged vehicles. Well, on the one hand, that is true, and some of them can also be found on the 10 Best Selling Luxury Car Brands in the US.

So, for the factual values for drag coefficient we searched the Ecommoder, and for the average drag mode by the manufacturer, we’ve got the information from Honestjg blog.

If we have missed out some of the least aerodynamic cars comparing to their performances that is because we were strictly led by the consistent values we have obtained from above-mentioned sources. Also, we are not here to talk about necessarily bad cars, but about bad aerodynamics, which was sometimes sacrificed for other preferences. Let’s see the list of least aerodynamic cars ever made.

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