10 Largest Construction Companies in NY and NJ

When you happen to venture around New York and New Jersey, there is a sizable chance that you’ll see some of the iconic structures built by the 10 largest construction companies in NY and NJ. After all, most of these established contractors have been around to see New York City grow into the megapolis that it is today, while lending a hand (or hundreds) in molding New York and New Jersey into what they have become.

Most of these construction companies have been around for generations, with some tracing their origins back to the 19th century, when New York City still didn’t have skyscrapers. As the huge and steady influx of immigrants turned the city into the gateway of the American dream and the melting pot that it is today, there was a rapid acceleration in the need for housing and buildings where families and companies could reside. When multinational companies and organizations started to establish their home bases in the city, the skyscrapers came into the picture. When World War II ended and left many of the most significant cities in the world damaged, New York City was left unharmed, cementing its rank as a prime global city. And with that distinction came thousands of construction projects to keep the city and its millions of residents going.

10 Largest Construction Companies in NY and NJ


The companies listed in this article are behind some of the most iconic buildings in New York City and around the world. They are also the main reasons why the infrastructure for the states of New York and New Jersey, whether essential or novel, are in place. Just in the past two years alone, these contractors have been responsible for structures as diverse as school campuses, business offices, medical centers, residential towers, casinos, tunnels, power plants, monuments, and more.

Given their importance to the development of the region, publications such as the Engineering News-Record, a construction industry-focused institution, has been ranking these companies every year based on their performance. The latest rankings, released in July 2016, identified the 50 most significant contractors in the New York and New Jersey area. The rankings were based on the revenue that the companies have generated in the area as of 2015, based on the latest figures for the companies, most of which are privately owned. The construction business is a significant one, as the 50 biggest companies in the area earned $20.80 billion in revenue in 2015. Needless to say, construction is a billion-dollar industry in the Big Apple.

Construction is also a billion-dollar industry in the entirety of the U.S. For more on that, peruse our list of the 10 biggest construction companies in the US.

This list of the 10 largest construction companies in NY and NJ also includes information on the contractors’ origins, strengths, notable accomplishments, and much more. Check it out beginning on the next page.