10 Biggest Construction Companies in the US

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We scale the construction industry in the US in this list of 10 biggest construction companies in the US. Construction companies are definitely some of the most active companies in the US and even in the world. There are always some construction projects ongoing in our respective cities and there is always work for them every year. Construction includes the erection of new structures and buildings. Aside from that they do the repair, maintenance, rehabilitation, renewal and a lot of other things. The construction industry is also one of the biggest earning industries with revenues reaching into the billions easily.

You may find that a lot of internationally renowned construction companies have also made their way into the US. A lot of them even started in the US before branching out to other parts of the world. There might be some differences when comparing this to the list of 11 Biggest Construction Companies in the World. The totality of size of the company in the US may not be reflective of the overall size these companies have all over the world. We take into account all types of construction companies from heavy construction, demolition works and even those that have numerous amounts of specializations.

These companies are ranked based on their actual physical presence and reach, as well as how much they’ve achieved within the past year in terms of projects and revenue. Let’s find out more as we start this list of 10 biggest construction companies in the US.

10. Bovis Lend Lease

Bovis leads a lot of construction works and management not only in the US but around the world as well. They have a very high client return percentage and boast having reached 93 countries around the world. The company was originally founded in London in 1885. As of now they have more than 20 offices in the US.

Biggest Construction Companies in the US


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