10 Highest Paying Countries for Mechanical Engineers

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Want to work in one of the highest paying countries for mechanical engineers?

Every year millions of engineering graduates are ready to start their professional careers, hoping to score the best salaries in the industry. Engineering is indeed one of the most popular streams and one of the best paying across industries. Among different disciplines engineering graduates pursue, mechanical engineering is definitely one with the brightest prospects, good pay scale and a good amount of stable demand. However, as we study pay scales in different countries for the same role in mechanical engineering, we notice that some countries clearly come across as the best countries for mechanical engineers to work with greater salaries and job satisfaction to offer as compared to others.

10 Highest Paying Countries For Mechanical Engineers


In the US alone, salaries can vary across different states. This has been well enunciated in our article on the 25 Best States for Mechanical Engineers. In the said article we see a good comparison of different states in the US, and how mechanical engineering salaries in the US, annual median wage of and job growth can vary even among those considered the best states for the mechanical engineers. While mechanical engineers find the employment in design, testing, manufacturing, and development of machines, at a later stage there are opportunities to work with the higher management and engage in business development, operations and quality control. The knowledge of latest software greatly increases the prospects in the industry.

Engineers are currently employed in a wide range of industries. Mechanical engineers are today employed in aeronautics, architecture and even computational technology. Top companies to work for include NASA, Google, and Apple. Check out the 10 Top Companies and Best Jobs for Industrial Engineers, for companies offering the best compensation in the related field.

To determine the top 10 countries for mechanical engineering jobs we have referred to Quora and blogs on engineering such as  Engineering&Leadership and caddownload.blogspot and compared salaries of each country on World Salaries, Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale. Countries with the highest demand for mechanical engineers include Germany and US, which are also one of the top paying countries in the world. While it is possible to earn an average salary of $84,190 with 5 years of experience in the industry in the US, salaries can go up to as high as $128,430 per annum. Trends also show a positive bent and mechanical engineering salaries in 2017 have increased by a whopping $25000 as compared to mechanical engineering salaries 2016 that stood at a $64,695 per annum. In Germany as well, compensation is quite high in comparison to other parts of the world at $56532 on an average per year but visibly lower than the top 3 highest paying countries on the list. Mechanical engineering salary in Dubai, Japan and other countries with high demand in the domain also do not compare with the highest salaries in the world, so clearly there are other factors like cost of living index, competition and salary levels in the said country that are at play in salary decisions. Graduates, therefore, need to weigh in all their options, relocation costs and opportunities while choosing a country to work in.

So, where do mechanical engineers make the most money? Here are the highest paying countries for mechanical engineers!

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