10 High End Furniture Stores in New York City and New Jersey

Have you ever found yourself in search of high end furniture stores in New York City and New Jersey?  There are 20.2 million people living in the New York City metro area, well over 20,000 people per square mile.  If you count yourself among these residents, and aren’t The Wolf of Wall Street or Jay Gatsby, odds are pretty good that your abode isn’t exactly a spacious cavern, resplendent with gilded ceilings and intricate baseboard molds.  This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t add your personal touch to the place through tasteful furniture choices and interior design that reflects your unique personality.

The options for enhancing the appearance of your home or apartment’s interior are nearly limitless.  You could start by frequenting one of the Most Expensive Furniture Stores for High End Customers to gain inspiration. From there, you can play around with floor plans and spacing to make a cozy studio feel like a palace or, assuming you’re one of the lucky ones with space to spare, tactfully fill vacant areas with sofas, tables, desks, or whatever tickles your fancy to make your home feel a bit more, well… homey.  

10 High End Furniture Stores in New York City and New Jersey


Perhaps you’re a modernist, finding yourself most drawn to clean, crisp lines, accentuated by materials such as steel, glass or metal, flush against a monochromatic color scheme in black or white.

If you find yourself wanting to take the concepts of modernism to the extreme, maybe a minimalist design scheme would work best for you, using neutral color palettes, streamlined furnishings, ultra-clean lines, and generally avoiding design that’s in any way flamboyant or excessive.

On the other end of the spectrum for the showman–or woman–in you is the hollywood glam style, perfect for the person that wants to make a statement.  Using a design that is, at best, luxurious and, at worst, downright over-the-top, this brand of interior decoration plays with bold color schemes–think violet, or indigo–and equally daring furnishings to present the air of opulence to all parties present.

Within these extremes, there are infinite styles to match your tastes. From the raw, unfinished aesthetic of an industrial or rustic space, to the warm, earthy color scheme of a French country design style, you really can find the look that fits you to a tee.

Whatever the statement you want to make with your living space, having the perfect furnishings to bring the place together is absolutely crucial.  And while this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank shopping at one of the seven most-expensive furniture stores for high-end customers, you may find that you want to shell out a bit more than normal to ensure you’ve found the perfect mix of style and quality.  As such, we’ve compiled a list of New York and New Jersey’s top high end furniture stores, using a combination of consumer reviews and independent mentions from reputable sites.  The list that follows features the creme de la creme of furniture retailers in the area. Let’s check them out, here are the 10 high end furniture stores in New York City and New Jersey!