7 Most Expensive Furniture Stores for High End Customers

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Furniture can get expensive, especially furniture from the most expensive furniture stores for the high-end customers. But that’s not always a bad thing.  Some would prefer to spend the big bucks on high-quality home furnishings. After all, who wants flakes of synthetic leather peeling off their sofa just a few years after its purchase? Furniture is a long term investment, so it shouldn’t be made cheaply. So if you agree, you’ll love the list we provided below.

Most Expensive Furniture Stores for High End Customers

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For our list of expensive furniture stores, we first took a look at the most expensive furniture brands in the world, and then we searched for the stores that sell these brands. And for a furniture item to base our estimates off of, we chose sofas. One of the most commonly sold and commonly used. To get a proper average, we averaged the prices of ten of the most expensive sofas listed on these store’s sites to come up with an average sofa price.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that all types of sofas were averaged, including sectionals, settees, outdoors and sleepers. These estimates also do not include any custom furniture or furniture from dealers or auctions. Lastly, this only includes prices that can be found online. Other stores may have higher prices that aren’t listed online.

No matter the stipulations, sit back on your cheap, peeling sofa, relax, and enjoy the most expensive furniture stores for high-end customers.

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