10 Good Karaoke Duets For Couples

If a karaoke night is around the corner, we bet you won’t be able to resist trying out some of these 10 good karaoke duets for couples with your partner! Whether you are making the big announcement or just want to solidify your power couple status among your friends, when it comes to Karaoke duets, you simply cannot go wrong with these famous, easy to sing duets. You don’t need to be an extraordinary singer to try to belt these out, just pick up the mic and get the groove on!

Karaoke is increasingly catching up in popularity recently. It’s a great way to get together with friends and have some clean, good fun, with some great music to go along with. All you need is a good Karaoke hangout, or you could even host one yourself at a house party with a good Karaoke playlist. If you are a gang of Karaoke-loving people, even a quick investment in a good Karaoke machine should be well worth it. Expecting a long guest list and large groups of friends? Why not pick something out of our list of 11 best karaoke songs for groups?

10 Good Karaoke Duets For Couples


As far as duets are concerned there are so many songs that have made their mark in our hearts over the years. There are songs that have made their way onto the lists of the greatest duets of all time. But, for them to qualify as great Karaoke tracks, they need to be simple to sing for everyone alike and be popular enough for others to catch along to.So we scoured through lists and suggested tracks by Red Karaoke, Billboard, and All Music , to name a few, and then rated them according to their level of ease – to zero in on the songs that should be an absolute hit in whichever Karaoke event you decide to sing them!

What are you waiting for? Get singing with your better half with the 10 good karaoke duets for couples!