10 Funny Poems for Children

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There are many reasons why poems serve as good reading material for children, which is why we created a list of funny poems for children.

Those reasons include the fact that poetry helps develop a rhythm with small children, even if they don’t understand everything the poem means. In the same vein, poetry increases a child’s vocabulary as well, without forcing them to read drab textbooks.

Reading poems out loud to children also helps them become better audible readers and speakers. Because they hear different voice inflections, pitches and volumes, they can better learn how to exercise that on their own.

Additionally, poetry helps with memorization skills in children. While the poems in our list are mainly for fun, there are many educational poems and rhymes small children learn in school to help them remember certain facts such as months of the year or even letters of the alphabet. (The alphabet song rhymes really well- is that why we adults still remember it?)

10 Funny Poems for Children

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And everyone knows that songs are easier to memorize than anything else, but that’s because they rhyme- they’re basically just poems. (For bonus points, try having your kids memorize one of our selections below. Then you can video them reciting it and post it on Facebook to impress all your friends.)

So, are you convinced yet? If so, keep reading, or check out the poems in our list of 10 Inspirational Poems for Children.

These poems are on the lighter side, so if you and the kids need a laugh after a stressful day (life is hard as a kid), you’ll love our choices. They came from websites like Brownie Locks and Family Friend Poems, and they were created by a variety of different poets from the famous Shel Silverstein to the less famous Margaret Benison.

Regardless, even if you’re an adult reading purely for your own pleasure (we won’t hate), you’ll no doubt remember what it was like to be a kid as you read.

Kids have some of the most unique and adorable observations and perspectives on life, which makes the poems directed towards them plain hilarious. These poems cover subjects from tooth fairies to puppy love, from school to chores.

And although the rhymes are cute, they aren’t so insignificant- some of them have wise morals and life lessons tied in. (What parent doesn’t love a fun way to teach their littles a lesson?)

So, get excited- we’re finally giving you the list of funny poems for children. Happy reading!

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