11 Best Free Android Games of 2015

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The 11 best free Android games of 2015 come to show just how ridiculously developed mobile computing has become recently. As much as ten years ago people were making insane profits from portable consoles dedicated specifically to playing games which were so tightly optimized for it that you could get pretty good graphics (for a portable device) on a system with a CPU clocked at around 300MHz. However, the moment you shut off the game and try to do anything other than media playback, such as browsing your favorite forum or image board, the shortcomings of such a system come to light. Eventually gaming took off even higher than before, which you can read more about in our article on the 16 best selling video games in 2015. Simultaneously, mobile technology kept on pushing the boundaries to the point where it became powerful enough to handle all you could expect from a phone plus a PDA and a portable gaming console, effectively making the former disappear from the markets and delivering a painful blow to the industry of portable gaming devices.

Best PC Games of 2015

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Nowadays you can grab your phone and successfully do your job on it, all while listening to music and reading about the weather forecast for the next week/planning your route to your next holiday destination of choice without the device stuttering the least bit. Of course, while hardware has developed immensely, following Moore’s law almost perfectly and doubling up every two years, none of this would be possible without the operating systems that hold it all together. Many have come and gone, some better than others. We saw the rise and fall of Palm OS, Nokia’s attempts at branding their own with MeeGo and Maemo and we continue to be right in the middle of the never ending success of the two mobile OS giants – Android and iOS. While some scantily clad young person in the street will, without a doubt, have no preference over one or the other, people with more technical knowledge are willing to battle to their death to prove the superiority of either. While there is a lot that can be said about the pros and cons of both, this article will show you how you can most effectively waste your time on the one with the bigger market share and versatility – Android.

Mobile devices are taking an inevitable turn towards becoming more and more entertainment-oriented and mobile gaming right now is a blooming business after the introduction of schemes such as the app markets and freemium games. This list will show you the most often downloaded/played and rated free(mium) mobile games on the Google Play store which can all, interestingly enough, be found in the “Most Grossing” section for a number of reasons – they are all free and, just like the majority of free games,  rely on in game currency purchases, they are all very strongly marketed and thus – very widely known. Let’s take a look at them.

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