10 Easiest Platinum Trophies on PS4 You Can Earn

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You just bought your new gaming console and want to know about the easiest platinum trophies on PS4 you can earn? We can assure you, Dark Souls series isn’t one of them.

If you are not familiar with the trophies system on PS4, we’ll try to explain. The trophies system allows gamers to have some satisfaction in achieving some specific requirements in a particular game. After you complete the requirement (for example kill an opponent in a specific way or collect a group of items) you get a trophy as a reward. This usually serves as a great motivation to keep playing the game even if you have completed it.

There are 4 different types of trophies: bronze, silver, gold and platinum ones depending on the difficulty to obtain them. You’ll get platinum trophy once you have collected all the bronze, silver, and gold ones. Trophies also have a rarity rank, ranging from common to ultra – rare. The rarity of the trophy isn’t determined by the game developers, but rather by the gamers themselves. If more people who play the game achieve the trophy, it will be less rare and vice-versa.  You should know that trophies won’t’ get you any free stuff or new content for that matter. The sole purpose of the trophy system is bragging rights with the trophies and as I already pointed out, motivation to keep playing the game. Still, there are some people who don’t take them for granted and have dedicated themselves to get as many PS4 trophies as possible. Currently, a gamer from the United States who goes by nickname roughdawg94  has the most trophies among all PS4 gamers. His total trophy tally is 59,269 with 1,263 of them being platinum. If you are wondering, he played 1,793 games so far, earning 17.51 trophies per day. Another gamer that broke the 1,200 platinum trophies number revealed he plays 70 to 120 hours a week. In case you want real trophies that you can put on your shelf, check out our list of 7 easiest fighting games to get into.

I have thought long about the methodology for this list of easiest platinum trophies on PS4 you can earn and decided to go with the hard numbers. We took the statistics from PSN Profiles and checked out the games that had the highest percentage of players achieving the platinum trophy. This means whoever took the game, mostly got the trophy. We didn’t consider games that had less than 1,000 people who played it. If you want to boost your profile, with these games, those platinum trophies will be a piece of cake.

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