10 Easiest Nintendo Games for Kids in 2019

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Today, we will go through some of the easiest Nintendo games for kids in 2019. We hope that parents will be satisfied with our choices just like their kids!

The choice of a good game, in general, might seem like an easy one, but for gaming beginners, or kids, it might take a lot of time until they find the genre and type of games they like. It all depends on personal preferences, concerning both the type (strategy, role-playing, action, board, etc.) and genre (fantasy, detective, real life, etc.).

The gaming industry has gone really far, inventing games for every request the customers could possibly have. They even thought of those underprivileged, suffering from autism, making the 7 Best Board Games for Children with Autism. Of course, not all these games were designed for children with autism, they can actually attract a wide range of customers.

However, on the matter of the easiest Nintendo games for kids, it is obvious that parents will be the ones having the final word on the choice of the game. Not all games are suitable for every kid. But, for example, of Nintendo Switch games for toddlers, games such as Mario Kart or Flip Wars are a usual parents’ choice, since they are pretty easy (speaking Nintendo switch games for 5 year olds and younger) and seems that kids love them.

If you prefer the Nintendo DS console, some of the popular Nintendo DS games for 5 year olds include Mario Kart, Sonic Collection, or Animal Crossing. In the category of the most popular Nintendo DS games for 4 year olds (actually under 5 years of age) Amazon’s top game is Cars 2.

Now, if we go searching for an even younger age category, for example, 3DS games for 3 year old kids, the choice of games would become even more delicate. Having a toddler playing a game means that a parent will be needed most of the time while the kid plays the game. Anyway, some of the suitable games for this age include Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun, Peggle, or Pass the Pigs, which all won the Age Group Runner Up award.

Depending on your kid’s age and interest, there are some very good recommendations on strategy and story-driven games that we have listed on 15 Free Best Story Driven Android Games in 2018 and 7 Online Strategy Games like Clash of Clans. However, if this seems too complicated or hard for them, we will go through some of the easiest Nintendo games for kids.

Since we are now trying to list the easiest Nintendo games for kids in 2019, we have included in our search different age groups. So, apart from generally best games for kids, we looked up, for example, for categories such as Nintendo Switch games for 6 year old, or Nintendo DS games for 4 years old, etc. We collected information from several resources which included The Spruce, Reddit, and Polygon

It seems that we have seen Mario Kart as a recommendation for each category today. Will it also be among the easiest Nintendo Games for kids in 2019? Let’s find out:

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