10 Easiest Genetic Disorders to Research for a Paper

 Not many people enjoy a research paper, but to make your life a little easier, we came up with a list of the easiest genetic disorders to research for a paper.

In college, I hated getting assigned a research paper. While it’s interesting to learn about a new, random topic, research papers are typically very lengthy and can range from ten pages to sixty or more, depending on the level of degree you are pursuing. If I recall correctly, my longest research paper requirement was somewhere between twelve and fifteen pages which isn’t so bad, I guess. As a journalism majority, most of my papers focused on journalism and communications, but I can’t imagine having to write a science-related paper. To be honest, I really don’t even know the protocol for writing a science-related research paper.

10 Easiest Genetic Disorders to Research for a Paper

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If you’re pursuing medicine or most other science-related fields, it’s probably inevitable that you will one day be finding yourself searching “research paper topics genetics” to do your own paper. The study of genetics is constant and there is still much more to learn. In simplest terms, genetics is the study of genes and how they are inherited. There are a number of genetics topics of interest, and under that umbrella there’s the study of chromosomes, DNA, gene mutations and much more. So if you’re looking for genetic topics for presentation, you’re sure to find something to keep the group interested, whether you discuss how bacteria affect genes or how you can cross genes of species to make an animal that glows (weird, we know). For those of you who are researching because you’re pursuing a career in medicine, we have another great article – 10 Most in Demand Medical Specialties in America.

To begin a good research paper, you will first want to start with learning about some recent research topics in genetics and find some that you would consider interesting genetic topics. If you don’t find a topic you think of it as interesting, chances are, you won’t write the paper well, and it will be a pain to get through. The most popular and currently discussed (not to mention, interesting) topics include stem cell research, the Human Genome Project and DNA barcoding. You might even want to take a look at a genetics research paper example to get you off on the right foot to write your own. You should have no problem finding examples on a site like Google Scholar. Once you go through these steps, you should be well on your way to writing your own paper. While it doesn’t sound like there is any easy topic to write about when it comes to genetics, unless that stuff comes to you naturally, we tried to come up with a list of at least some less complicated and easier to digest topics.

The categories of genetic disorders are monogenetic disorders, multifactorial inheritance disorders, and chromosome disorders. The ones that we have on our list are common and fall mostly on the monogenetic disorders category. These different categories explain the factors as to why genetic disorders occur, for example, monogenetic represents a mutation that affects one gene. Multiple genes mutation happens when the disorder is categorized as the multifactorial inheritance disorder, and the one that affects the chromosomes is, of course, the chromosome disorders. Yahoo Answers, Nemours, National Human Genome Research Institute, and Learn Genetics: Genetic Science Learning Center were the best sources for coming up with our current list. These DNA abnormalities are subjects of continuous study, but a wide range of research is available for each. Since there is not a quantitative way to say which disorders are “easier” to research than others, considering it’s easy to find information on all of the topics, we did not make a ranking of the disorders on our list.

Get your pencil and paper ready for our list of the easiest genetic disorders to research for a paper.