10 Easiest General Education Courses For Undergrads

If you’re enrolling in college and wondering how to make your life easier, then you’re lucky because we made a list of the easiest general education courses for undergrads.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of education. I can only begin to speak about how it widens your horizons and changes you as a person.  Overall, education enables you to lead a better life. In the society of today, your degree is considered a proof that you are educated and knowledgeable. It’s not only something that our mothers can use to brag about their hard-working children when sipping coffee with their friends. Having a degree actually, increases your chances of being heard and respected as well.

10 Easiest General Education Courses For Undergrads

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There is simply something in the way we regard educated people. If you walk into a job interview with your degree in your hands, you undoubtedly have the advantage. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not a rule, such in corrupted countries or companies which hire their cousins instead of well-educated professionals. But nevertheless, the majority of employers will consider you a capable person and will be willing to give you a shot.

Some choose their fields according to the possibilities of getting rich. They are interested in how fast can they become wealthy if they pursue certain careers, and that is OK. We are all entitled to make our decisions based on our beliefs, and if your belief refers to money, then money it is. In that case, you’ll definitely be interested in checking out our list of the Best Majors that Make the Most Money.

Others choose fields that they are highly interested in as they wish to grow and develop as a person. They have a special interest that they wish to pursue as they find it to be a great source of happiness. But the fact is that college is hard, no matter if you’re in it for money or personal interest. That is why so many students rely on some courses that are generally known to be slightly easier so they can boost their GPA. However, I firmly believe that how easy or hard a subject really depends on your interests and affinities. If you enjoy a subject than naturally, you are more likely to get an A. On the other hand if you find a subject difficult and hard to understand then I guess it will take a lot more hard work to get a good grade. Therefore, we cannot really state that some courses are definitely easy and others are definitely hard. For example, most of us will agree that science is hard and requires a lot of work. According to a study, only about 30% of students who took a science course got an A, which proves my point. But there will always be students who will claim the opposite (for example, that 30% of students who got A’s). This has to do with the person’s natural abilities to be good at something or not. The same is with math. While many of us consider it to be a nightmare (personally, I’ve never been good at it), others will find it completely logical and easy.

But is it fair to be picking out courses for boosting your GPA? Although I think it is OK to pick a subject just to get an easy A because that is not what college is all about, still, I get the need to rely on those subjects sometimes. All courses are useful and they can help your personal growth. I may risk sounding like a complete nerd, but learning is fun and it is a hell of a lot easier to learn if we don’t concentrate on grades only. Grades can create a pressure and make everything more difficult. But yes, I am familiar with the struggle of hard courses and it is relaxing and liberating to have a few of those easier courses for a change. That’s why we decided to create a list of such courses and make the whole process of picking courses much easier for you!

At The Stack, we found a Bruinwalk data of letter-grade distributions of every class taught at UCLA between 2012 and 2015. When determining the easiest courses, there are many factors that can be considered such as the difficulty of content, workload, and frequency of assessment. Bruinwalk considered the percentage of students who got an A+, A, and A- in a class within this period so classes with a higher percentage of A’s are thus considered to be easier. However, we considered suggestions from students too, in discussions on forums such as Reddit and the SDN. Based on the data we found, we present to you the easiest general education courses for undergrads.