10 Easiest Department Store Credit Cards to Get with No Credit

Do you want to know which are the easiest department store credit cards to get with no credit? Well, keep on reading then.

Getting a credit card with no credit history isn’t an easy task. You’ll most likely have to settle with a small limit and high interests. But, you have to start somewhere and build that credit history. If you don’t want to get a credit card (or you can’t get one), getting a store credit card is a good way to go. Store credit cards approval process isn’t so strict and obtaining them should be very easy. Although they have among the highest interests rates, they can be beneficial. Having a store credit card almost always brings some perks, whether it is a discount, cash back or free delivery. These credit cards will not only help you financially, but they will also be great for building your credit history. This is of course if you use them wisely. Make your payments on time and before you know it, you will be able to qualify for a credit card with a better rate. If you are feeling confident in getting there, then check out our article about 5 credit cards with 2% cash back on everything.

10 Easiest Department Store Credit Cards to Get with No Credit


There are a couple of store credit cards you can choose from. Basic store credit cards can only be used with the retailer that issued it and nowhere else. On the other hand, co-branded store credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and similar) can be used in the department store but also anywhere else where these cards are accepted- Of course, for the people who have no credit, basic store credit card is a more realistic option. Also, don’t expect the limit to be high since that greatly depends on your credit history.  Store credit cards shouldn’t be confused with loyalty or reward cards that are often issued by retailers.

In order to create our list of easiest department store credit cards to get with no credit, we checked multiple sources for recommendations including First Quarter Finance, My Bank Tracker, Credit Card Forum and Credit Card Insider. All these sources listed department store credit cards that have a reputation of getting approved easily for people with low credit score and those with no credit. To make the final cut for the list, we ranked the store credit cards according to their APR (annual percentage rate) which represents the interest rate you’ll have to pay if you miss out the monthly payment. Let’s check them out.