10 Easiest Colleges For Golf Scholarships

Golf is a wonderful sport that more and more people take on, but it can be the sport to get you an opportunity for higher education if you’re looking to attend these easiest colleges for golf scholarships.

Of course, if golf isn’t exactly your thing, you may want to look into these 10 easiest fellowships and scholarships to get in 2017. But, since you’re reading this article you’re probably quite passionate about golf, maybe even already looking into securing one of the many scholarships set up for golf players hoping to get a college education for free.

10 Easiest Colleges For Golf Scholarships


In order to get your hands on one of these scholarships, it is for the best to put in the effort and actually get in contact with college golf coaches, keeping them updated on your progress in tournaments. Unlike football, golf coaches don’t go recruiting at high school games whenever they feel like it. Instead, they come see you and your evolution once you’ve established contact with them and proven you’re actually a serious recruit.

In order to improve your chances for a scholarship, you shouldn’t ignore your grades either. In the end, if you have more schools you qualify for with your grades alone, the higher your chances to earn a scholarship to cover the costs. Of course, the better you are as a player, the higher the chance for the coaches to offer you a spot.

For our list today we visited a lot of sites providing information about the best colleges for golf players, offering rankings for both men and women’s players, or presenting the best-golfing programs for men or women. Where the colleges were presented in a definitive ranking, we handed out scores – the higher, the better. Then, when we didn’t have any specific rankings, we offered 5 points for each presence on one of the many lists we checked out. In the end, we came up with the list of the easiest colleges for golf scholarships.