10 Crazy Facts about Mexico

We learn more fascinating, unique and weird things in this list of 10 crazy facts about Mexico. Mexico is a very beautiful country. It has varied and diverse landscapes, architecture, and culture. You’ll find that a lot of the norms we have today were popularized by this country. There is a lot you can discover in history books. Mexico was also once a colony of Spain. So, you’ll find similarities with Spain’s tradition and culture as you roam around the country. This similarity can also be seen with other former colonies.

Mexico was actually one of the larger countries in the world. Due to previous wars over territory, they had lost a lot of their land to the United States. That’s why you’ll find some Mexican names of states in the US. One example is Los Angeles. You can also trace the countries roots to the ancient and once powerful race of Mayans. You’ll barely see traces of that ancient culture now; a lot of previous traditions, beliefs and cultural markers got mixed up, buried or forgotten over time. It is one of the negative effects of colonization.

Mexico is definitely one place to consider traveling to in the near future. If you have plans or are interested, then The 10 Places to Visit in Mexico that are Beautiful and Safe is the list you should also check out. Let’s get to the interesting stuff:

10. United Mexican States

Believe it or not, the official name for the country of Mexico is the United Mexican States. Before colonization, Mexico City was the capital and the Aztec culture was very profound and widespread. When they were conquered by the Spanish, the colonizers decided to make a mark in Mexico City by building a Spanish city on top of it.