10 Countries with the Lowest White Population Percentage in the World

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in one of the 10 countries with the lowest white population percentage in the world? Let’s find out, shall we?

Before moving abroad, people often look for information on the overall situation in the country they are planning to move to get a rough idea of what to expect. Besides basic things that you need to check before moving, like making sure that you can legally be there, what type of visa you need to apply for, etc., people are interested in the demographic profile of the country, as well. Among other things, they are interested in the level of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity in the country. So, why is this important to someone who wants to migrate? Well, race is often connected with tradition, religion, or simply said — the way of living. When you move somewhere, you need to adapt to the lifestyle of the majority of people there. Adaptation may be easier for you if you belong to the race that is a majority — at least this was a case several decades ago. Nowadays, things have changed a bit with opening of the countries’ borders and the globalization. To find a country whose population belongs to one race only is a mission impossible. But before we continue, shall we define race?

 Countries with the Lowest White Population Percentage in the World


This question is very complex. However, we couldn’t continue without explaining it. Scientists reached so deep, that their results showed that there’s no such thing as race. This just can’t be true, right? After all, you can beat this fact just by going for a walk in the nearest park. Do all people have the same visual appearance, or more precisely, do they have the same skin color? Of course not, but, as scientists say “there is no biological entity that warrants the term race.” That is just a matter of geography — or human variation. Here’s what we found out in one PBS’ article — people from Norway, Egypt, and China have different skin colors, but that is not a proof that “race” exists. The science explains this easily — people from Egypt have different skin color compared to the Norwegians because of the intensity of the ultraviolet component of sunlight. Europeans may have similar skin color to the Asians, but according to some studies, Africans carry a significant amount of European DNA. Today people are free to go to any part of the world, and the result are ethnically and racially mixed families and even nations, so it’s very hard to make a clear distinction between groups of people. The perfect example is the US. Moreover, predictions are that the white population will become a minority within few decades in this country. According to Al Jazeera, the trajectory is well known.

Have you ever wondered what percentage of the population is white? That was our starting point for this article, and we checked out some of the discussions on Quora to find answers. People were also wondering how many black people are in the world. However, since these discussions are not backed up with reliable data, we decided to search for more reliable sources. In addition, we were dealing with the similar topics earlier, and in case you are interested in the percentage of the white population in Africa, take a look at the 12 African Countries with the Largest White Population. Moreover, if you want to find out what are the whitest countries by percentage, check out the 11 Countries with the Highest White Population. But how did we find the countries with the lowest white population percentage? Following the information we collected earlier, we based our methodology on the CIA World Factbook, as this was the only relevant source that could provide us with credible information. The countries are ranked by the percentage of the white population.

Without hesitation, let’s proceed to the list of countries with the lowest white population percentage in the world.

10. South Africa

Located in the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is a large country. However, only 8.4% of the population in this country are whites. Its population is 57,103,570 citizens so you can do the math on your own. It was occupied by the UK in the past, until it got the current constitution in 1997.

 Countries with the Lowest White Population Percentage in the World


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