10 Countries With the Highest Rates of Lung Cancer in the World

The 10 countries with the highest rates of lung cancer in the world come to show that the prevalence of the lung-related disease has seen a huge jump in the last couple of decades. Be it stress, genetics or poisonous air and living conditions, the factors which affect one’s cancer chances are far too much of a complex mess to be accurately predicted. Just like in the 11 countries with the highest cancer rates in the world, in all ten of these, cancer deaths take a considerable prevalence over what used to kill people in the past. Today’s lifestyle is increasingly unhealthy not only due to the amount of unconventional work we do today, such as staring into a monitor, but also due to the many comforts we have. We don’t exercise anymore and to make matters worse, we’ve turned coming up with more ways to be lazy into one of the most successful businesses.

Lung cancer is one of the most lethal forms of cancer. In fact, it is the most common cancer-related death for both sexes worldwide. However, for the most of you it would be bad news but to some it would be good – more than eighty percent of lung cancer cases are caused by long term exposure to tobacco smoke. This means that if you don’t smoke or stop as soon as possible, your chances of developing lung cancer are getting increasingly thin. However, exposure to several other dangerous substances also spikes your chances of developing this horrible disease. Those include a variety of toxic gases which the chimneys of factories and various industrial plants happily puff out daily. Another gas on the list is radon, which comes from the radioactive element radium. Asbestos is also a known culprit in causing a lot of trouble for your lungs, not excluding cancer.

Risky living conditions or not, the countries you are about to see have an unusually high incidence of lung cancer. The reason for that we will leave to you to figure out. Let’s take a look at them.