10 Countries With the Highest Population Density

Imagine how crammed everyday life is in some of the 10 countries with the highest population density. Imagine waking up in a tiny one-room apartment and making your way through streets packed with traffic and people who follow no rules whatsoever. Life certainly is way more chaotic than needed in these places. However, the people who were born and raised there have the remarkable ability to deal with any disastrous daily situation that this way of life may result in. Some countries are really are tiny, so there isn’t much area left and people have no choice but to build housing that dramatically raises their population density.

A country’s population density is determined by the number of people living on a given measure of area. In this list you will see them in people per square mile. Usually, a lot of other factors help shape this index aside from a country’s size. In certain cases, overpopulation can make even a bigger country get to our list. However, there aren’t any shocking results except some you may never have heard of. Unlike the items on our list of the 14 biggest cities in the world by population, the countries you will see here are mostly in no way impressive in their size or overall population, they are just tightly packed with residents.

Usually the most affected are countries and cities with favorable conditions for life and business. In the ancient ages, those were places with a mild climate and places that have rivers running through or nearby. On the other hand, places like Mongolia or Greenland which have harsh climates and very poor conditions for settling, have some of the least population density in the whole world, with Greenland being on the very bottom of the list. However, here we will consider the exact opposites. Let’s take a look at the 10 countries with the highest population density.