10 Countries with the Highest Fertility Rates

Fertility rates – something at which these 10 countries with the highest fertility rates excel, are usually calculated by the average number of children women in a particular country have while still fertile. Having a larger number of children has been something to strive for since the dawn of mankind. In the early days of our existence, leaving a bigger number of offsprings meant passing on your genes better and ensuring the survival of the kind or your social or family group. Back then having children by the dozen did not seem impossible and nobody had to look for kindergartens, babysitters and friendly neighborhoods in order to raise a child. In many places around the world infant mortality rates are still too high to be comfortable with which makes giving birth to more than two or three children a necessity more than anything if you want to continue your family.

You might think that a high fertility rate would boost the given country’s population into oblivion. However, there are a lot of factors which, combined, can affect a country’s population in various seemingly unexpected ways. For example, if a country has a big enough fertility rates, combined with a small area and favorable living conditions, you get all the countries from our list of the 10 countries with the highest population density. However, you should have in mind that most of the items on the current list are places where life is not as pink as we would all like to imagine it is. Lots of these people have to lead violent battles for survival every day which is one of the reasons why you will see that the places with the highest population density do not match any of the items on this list. Furthermore, many of these countries are severely undeveloped which does not allow for a higher density of their residents.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at where you can find the highest fertility rates, according to the CIA Factbook of 2014.