10 Countries with Shortest Life Expectancy

The modern civilization brings many enhancements to the everyday life of people, a lot of which are not available in the 10 countries with shortest life expectancy. While we can all enjoy running water, electricity and readily available health care most of the time, some, if not many, people are not so fortunate. Plagued by rampant violence, corruption, diseases and a severe lack of essential means of survival, life in these places remains almost the same as it was a century ago.

Unlike the 15 healthiest countries, living in these places is an eternal struggle. You can not wake up, make a warm cup of coffee and read the morning paper. You wake up and start fighting to survive every day, be it by hard labor under the scorching sun or by looking for a way to make ends meet. Not many people in these countries manage to do the latter, however. All of these countries are located on the lush lands of Africa. Notoriously unadvanced in the majority of modern-day industrial branches, many of the countries on the continent still rely on agriculture to support their population. There are also the still borderline primitive ways of harvesting natural resources such as fossil fuels and valuable minerals. The apparent availability of precious resources such as gold and diamonds in these countries still does not help them get up on their feet since locals can only work for whoever gets to the source first. Political corruption and frequent violent revolutions and government changes leave these states with little to no stability in whatever economy they manage to have.

So, for the sake of knowledge or to make you more grateful for the life you have right now and all its comfort and safety, let’s take a look at the ten countries with the shortest life expectancy (according to the World Health Organization).