10 Countries Where Doctors Are Needed Today

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If you’re tired of your CV being rejected or still working under a contract for a limited period of time, check out our list of 10 countries where doctors are needed today. They offer a warm welcome to healthcare professionals.

We’ll start by explaining that there are two types of countries with the highest demand for doctors. The first category comprises undeveloped countries which are in lack of professional medical staff due to several reasons. According to our research, one of them may be that there aren’t enough graduates from medical studies. The other, a more common one, is that the newly medical graduates are opting for a career abroad and sending their CV to highly developed countries in need of foreign doctors. There are several motives for such decisions. Firstly, there is the higher standard of living in foreign countries. Secondly, there are few vacant positions for doctors in urban areas. Competition is huge in big cities and towns, while the number of doctors in rural areas is scarce.

10 Countries Where Doctors are Needed Today

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Talking about the rural areas, highly developed countries that are looking for doctors also face similar challenges with their medical staff. Very few physicians prefer working in a village to working in a metropole. For that reason, there is a huge shortage of doctors, and they are offering visas to foreign physicians. Just use your imagination. Try to picture a village in sub-Saharan Africa. Think about the air conditioning and medical supplies. The proximity of the nearest pharmacy. Next, imagine a village at the foot of the mountain, somewhere in Europe. For instance, Germany. Try to picture the roads, shops and your office. Do you see the difference? Of course, you do. That’s why physicians from the Third World countries are constantly on the lookout for the best country for doctors to immigrate.

By the way, if you are a medical professional from India, you may wish to know which are the countries accepting Indian medical degrees. Also, this list of highest paying countries for doctors can give you some ideas for your next travel destination.

Now let’s talk about the methodology of our research. First, we checked the situation in the European countries at Skills Panorama, a website with statistical data on medical doctors shortage, to see which could be good candidates for it. Some of our other initial resources included Malaysian DigestCNNForbes, and NCBI. Finally, we turned to Career Jet to see whether those countries are still without enough doctors. Also, Politico gave us useful information on the consequences of a recent departure.

We are positive you are going to find some of these are the best countries for doctors to practice. What we are absolutely sure about is that you have great chances of getting a job in these 10 countries where doctors are needed today. They are listed from the lowest to the highest demand at the moment. Please bear in mind that the situation is changing on a daily basis. However, due to our initial research in which we chose the countries which have been in high demand for medical professionals for years, and according to some forecasts, the trend will certainly continue.

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