10 Countries that Spend The Most on Christmas

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With Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way, we are counting down 10 countries that spend the most on Christmas. When holiday spirit kicks in, people easily spend their hard earned money on anything you can imagine. Most of that spent money goes on Christmas gifts.

Although one would think that any gift is a good gift, that isn’t the case. Maybe those handmade Christmas cards can pass as unique one year, but don’t expect them to do the trick every time. You will have to reach into your pocket and join the spending spree.

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There are some things topping the people’s wishes. A survey done by Deloitte showed that the top choice for Christmas present is a book. Hard to believe, right? The second top choice is money, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Nevertheless, besides being greedy, people can be generous too, which is something 10 countries that spend the most on foreign aid show us the best.

To find out which are the countries that spend the most on Christmas, we consulted a report about planned Christmas spending in 2015 made by ING. The ranking was based on median spend amount per citizen. The amounts in Euros are converted to US Dollars.

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