10 Countries that Have the Most Fresh Water

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Today we reveal you the countries that have the most fresh water. You may be surprised by our list.

Water is essential for all living organisms. When you hear that 71% of the surface of the Earth is made out of the water, you would think we don’t have anything to worry about. The thing is that we humans and most other mammals need fresh water, and more than 97% of all Earth’s water is saline water. That leaves us with less than 3% of fresh water. Around 2% is contained in ice, snow, and glaciers while 0.75% goes to groundwater. Lake and rivers just contain around 0.01% of all water on Earth. Here goes the final stat. Out of all water on the Earth; we are left with 0.003% of fresh, clean, unpolluted water. In case you want to know more about the freshwater lakes, check out our list of 11 Largest Freshwater Lakes in the World by Volume.

With a growth of human population, and continued urbanization our water consumption will also grow. The World Bank forecasts sound terrifying. If the world continues with current practices at the current pace, there is an estimate of 40% shortfall between the available water supply and forecasted demand by 2030. Agriculture is accounted for 70% of all water withdrawals. By 2050, the Earth is expected to have a population of 9.5 billion which will increase the agricultural production by 60% and its water withdrawals by 15%. This, combined with other factors will lead to 1.8 billion people having to deal with water scarcity by 2025. Mark my words, the water will be the new gold soon enough. To get your mind from these scary projections, check out our list of 12 Countries with the Cleanest Tap Water.

In order to create our list of countries that have the most fresh water, we used the data from the World Bank which tell us about renewable internal freshwater resources for each country. The 10 countries that had the most billion cubic meters of renewable fresh water resources generated within entered our list. Let’s take a look.

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