10 Countries That Have a King or a Queen

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Although some say that they are the outdated relics of the past, while others claim they represent a fine tradition, these 10 countries that have a King or a Queen still aren’t ready to give up their monarchs. Yet, at least.

Monarchy was a very efficient form of government in its heyday. After all, it is much simpler to have one guy (or a gal) make all the decisions. The trouble is, people who genuinely believe they have a divine mandate to rule over other people tend to be a bit unstable, plus all that inbreeding had to leave consequences. That is why we have the list of most ruthless rulers in history.

Countries That Have a King or a Queen

Democracy started complicating things, as people started realizing that a divine mandate can’t really feed them or save them from getting killed in a pointless war over who’s grandma had a bigger claim on some piece of land nobody knows or cares about. Except the guys whose grandmas started the whole thing. The English were among first to test the waters of regicide among European nations, when Oliver Cromwell beheaded Charles I for treason in 1649. Although the monarchy was restored just 11 years later, the cat was out of the bag. Revolutions in the 18th century shook the monarchies all over the continent. French got fed up with their King in 1792 and decided to use him and his wife as test subjects for one of the most popular revolutionary inventions, the guillotine. In general, it is all downhill from there for all Kings and Queens in European countries.

Americans were never too fond of monarchies, especially since King George decided that colonies must drink tea and pay taxes without the representation. In hindsight, old King Georgie seems like a far better solution compared to the US Congress. A cup of tea sounds mighty fine right about now. Perhaps Lizzy would be open to negotiations? Maybe these 10 countries that have a King or a Queen know something we don’t?

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