10 Countries That Export the Most Rice in the World

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Rice is the most important staple food in the world, feeding more than 3 billion people in Asia alone, but which 10 countries that export the most rice in the world? As many as 40,000 varieties of rice are produced in the world, from short to long grain and in a variety of colors. Rice is produced in regions with higher rainfall and doesn’t require much labor compared to other crops.

In 2014, total rice exports in the world were $24.9 billion, down 2.2% compared with 2013. That’s an estimated 42.5 million metric tons. Asian countries account for 74.6% of rice exports in the world, and they also make up most of the 11 Countries that Consume the Most Rice in the world.

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To understand the global rice market, we ranked top rice-exporting countries by overall dollars, because different kinds of rice bring in hugely disparate prices per pound. The dollar data comes from UN Comtrade.

10. Australia – $352.8 million

More than 80% of Australia’s rice production is exported to 60 countries all over the world. Careful planning and modern technology help to boost Australia’s high-quality yields.

Aus 10 Countries That Export The Most Rice in the World

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