The 11 Countries that Consume the Most Rice

We look at the nations that can’t live without rice in this list of the 11 countries that consume the most rice. For some countries in the world, rice is a staple food and something that is consumed by many daily. One of the reasons that rice is popular in these places is mainly due to the fact that the grain can be found in abundance. Now the reasons behind the spread and popularity of rice in some countries especially Asia can be contributed to different factors. A lot of people may however just speculate on its origins. Rice could have been discovered by accident, could have spread through the popular trading system of ancient times, etc. There are many possibilities but only one assurance. These countries definitely consume a lot of rice.

You’ll find that rice is a versatile grain. It can be paired with almost anything. From different vegetables to all types of meat, even the 11 Countries that Consume the Most Chicken in the World probably had some rice with their poultry meals. What countries do you think are included in this list of heavy rice consumers? As you might have guessed, some countries in this list are also a few of the largest producers and shippers of the grain.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of these countries are from Asia as they are culturally known to be the main consumers of rice. Though there are some other countries that make the exception as well. Let’s find out as we start this list:

11. Nigeria

Nigeria is the major importer and consumer of rice in Africa. They spend a billion Nigerian Nairas (their currency) a day for the costs of importation of rice. Due to the large amount of imported rice the country receives, local production has actually become stunted. Many government officials are concerned because they choose to import rice from Thailand and India instead of growing their own.