10 Companies With The Best Corporate Culture

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The 10 companies with the best corporate culture know that employees are their biggest strength and invest heavily in them. A corporate culture reflects the identity of the company and its people. It is the combination of values, vision, mission and operational goals of an organization that dictates the way people work. Financial incentives like compensation and pension do lure employees initially, but lifestyle benefits which offer a proper work/life balance and onsite facilities are also becoming increasingly important in terms of retaining them and making them more productive workers. Corporate culture has become an important determinant for employees before joining an organization and is one of the critical factors in whether an organization is a good one to work for or not.

“Corporate culture is, above all else, the most important factor in driving innovation”, according to a study from the University of Minnesota. According to Glassdoor Research, company culture is the #1 factor leading to long-term job satisfaction.

The 10 companies with the best corporate culture leave no stone unturned in their quest to make their employees feel comfortable, safe, and valued at the workplace. Through various attractive perks and onsite facilities, employees are given a chance not only to do their work in peace but also to grow their careers meaningfully. These companies have understood that there is a direct relationship between employee happiness and the company’s productivity.

The importance of a healthy corporate culture has started to receive more importance in recent times. A good culture fosters trust and confidence in employees, which helps them deliver their best and in return boosts the company’s productivity. Corporate culture is intrinsically linked to a company’s performance. Great companies are highly profitable, hiring talented people and also retaining them. A company with high employee satisfaction generally performs well over the long-term, as evidenced by many of the companies that have made our list, which represent some of the best performing stocks ever.

On the next page we kick off our list of the 10 companies with the best corporate culture, starting with The MITRE Corporation. We have collated data from two sources: Glassdoor‘s culture and value rating (score out of a possible 5), based solely on input from employees and FORTUNE and the Great Place to Work Institute’s “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” which is also scored out of a possible 5 points. The latter list ranks companies based on an evaluation of their policies and culture, pay and benefits programs, and employees’ opinions. We then ranked the companies based on the sum of their score using both these lists (some companies only made one list). Naturally, companies like Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc., which landed on both lists, scored the highest.

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