11 Best Finance Companies To Work For

The best finance companies to work for are not always the well known names in the industry. Instead, many of these great workplaces are smaller companies who take extremely good care of their employees. Globalization has given rise to a wide range of financial products and services, as well as investment options. Finance has been the fastest-growing sector despite the Lehman crisis, generating a large number of high paying jobs, and it is expected that job growth within the sector could outpace the average jobs growth rate as the new Trump administration pushes through greater deregulation of the industry.

People get attracted to financial jobs because of the high compensation, despite the high stress also involved in the financial industry. Working in any one of the 10 Largest Financial Services Companies (by AUM) could be like having a dream job for many, with a potential six-figure salary, good working environment, and comfortable desk job. But we know that high rewards are often associated with high risks. The people working in the financial sector need to adapt themselves not only to changing national and local laws, but also remain well versed with global policies and news. They need to exercise caution and stay alert for any sudden ups or downs in the market.

11 Best Finance Companies To Work For


Nonetheless, these jobs continue to attract skilled applicants, partly because many financial corporations are rated among the best places to work for, thanks to the various amenities they provide to their employees. Since the workplace is the place where you spend the majority of your time away from home, it needs to be a comfortable and happy zone (at least to you), and that’s what these employers strive to accomplish. Many offices today are well equipped with infrastructure facilities like gyms, swimming pools, medical rooms, etc. for the welfare health, and happiness of their employees. Maternity leaves and/or paternity leaves are a thing of the past; today the employee can exercise his free will to work from home, take sabbaticals or even attend meetings virtually. All these have gone a long way towards increasing employee morale and productivity and enabling them to bond well with their fellow workers and bosses.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of the 11 Best Finance Companies to Work For, based on rankings compiled by Fortune, as found in their listing of the 100 Best Companies.