10 Companies With The Best Benefits Packages

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Gone are the days when health insurance, retirement policies and paid vacation time were regarded as great employee benefits; today the 10 companies with the best benefits packages offer a host of other benefits which go far beyond these basic perks. In the highly competitive employment environment of today, retaining talent is a key strategic advantage for companies and they are going all out to do so. Companies now follow the mantra that a happy worker equals a more productive worker, which has led to employee benefits having evolved from vanilla compensation packages to encompass total wellness, work-life balance, onsite facilities, and much more.

Companies have gone to great lengths to deliver extra amenities to retain the best talent in their industries. For example, IBM offers to ship new mothers’ breast milk home when they are on business trips and Ernst & Young provides egg freezing services for female employees so that they can have a child later. Employees also prefer compassionate employers who can empathize with their problems. According to a survey conducted by hbr.org, the top perks identified by 2000 U.S workers were better health, dental, and vision insurance; flexible hours; vacation time; and the ability to work from home. Interestingly, these preferences are also common among both male and female employees.

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A company’s performance is driven by its employees and hence the 10 companies with the best benefits packages provide compelling benefits to dissuade employees from leaving. Free medical assistance, free parking, free food, attractive onsite facilities, and flexible work hours are just some of the perks. Some companies also give unique benefits to stand out from the crowd. For example, there is a happy hour at Airbnb’s Ringsend office bar every Thursday.

On the following pages, we’ve revealed the 10 companies with the best benefits packages. We used data from various sources to develop our list, including Investopedia, Glassdoor and cio.com, and zeroed in on large public companies with the best benefits packages. These companies are then ranked based on their market capitalization. Check out the list beginning on the next page.

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