10 Companies that Don’t Have A Degree Requirement for Applicants

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Landing a job will not be that difficult eventually with these 10 companies that don’t have a degree requirement for applicants leading the change. Penguin Random House UK recently made headlines when they announced that they are removing university degrees from their job requirements. The move was done in order to add variety to their candidates.

According to the publishing giant, there is no correlation between having a degree and work performance. This means that being a college graduate doesn’t guarantee that you will perform well at work. In addition, Penguin Random House has also removed the degree filter on all their job advertisements in the UK.

10 Companies that Don't Have A Degree Requirement for Applicants


There are a lot of talented individuals out there that haven’t had the chance to land a job on big companies due to their lack of college degrees. We published an article on the 16 highest paying jobs without a degree in 2015 to help people who have this dilemma. But knowing what these jobs are isn’t enough, you also need to know where to find them, which is why we looked for specific companies that are on the same page as Penguin.

Companies are now giving more weight to the talent, attitude, and experience of individuals more than college diplomas. The truth is, some people are able to self-study and hone certain skills even without going to a university. This list is curated and collated from CNBC, Huffington Post, and Forbes. With information easily accessible and available to everyone, education is no longer limited to a classroom setting. Thus, skilled individuals are no longer exclusive to college graduates.

Here are 10 companies that are changing the game in the area of hiring and giving of equal opportunities.

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