16 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree in 2015

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College degree has become a luxury nowadays, and we decided to put up a list of the 16 highest paying jobs without a degree in 2015 to help young people who have trouble in finding decent jobs. The cost of studying has gone up significantly, and a typical high school graduate will often find himself in fear of not having a college degree. Many young people are terrified of a possibility to work in a fast-food restaurant, or some other low-paid jobs, different to the high paid careers that a college diploma provides.

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If you feel the same way, you will be surprised how many high paid jobs do not require a college degree. A research provided by the Economic Policy Institute, explains the problem of unemployed college graduates in the U.S, which has risen to 8.5 %. Things aren’t going well for them as well, but this fact should not scare you at all. To be prosperous today, you have to be confident about yourself and always ready to learn new skills. It is never late to change careers, and further educate yourself through tech training and apprenticing. College isn’t the only place where you can learn, and the modern way of life proves that. It is more important what skills do you have, and what are your best qualities, than having a degree.

When we speak of the highest-paid jobs without a degree, we can relate to our previous article about the 5 best paying medical Jobs with least education that has a similar topic with a focus on medical careers.

Many renowned publishers already posted articles about our subject for today. We used the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistic and Business Insider to help us in creating our list. Since there are many opinions about which job is the highest paid, we also included the articles provided by the CBS News and the FinanceBuzz, to expand our resources and ensure ourselves in acquiring the most relevant data. The criteria for ranking will be the salary per year of every job individually, from lowest to highest.

Here’s our list of the 16 highest paying jobs without a degree in 2015, and we hope we will help you in choosing your future career.

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