10 Common Words You Didn’t Realise Were Brand Names

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There are plenty of common words you didn’t realize were brand names, words that we use on a daily basis without even giving them a second thought. That’s mainly because we’ve become so accustomed to them that we use them even if, for instance, we’re not buying that specific brand.

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Not only have these proper nouns become common nouns, but they’ve also ended up in the dictionary. Well, OK, that’s applicable for some of them, not all, but it’s still an impressive feat. It is quite certain that not even the creator of these items dreamed that their brands would become so important in the years to come.

As you’ll be reading this list, you’re quite likely to have about ten light bulbs light above your head as you realize that those words you use on a daily basis are actually brand names. In fact, you might even feel as if you’re part of an exclusive secretive society that knows more about the world than regular people.

Here’s a list of some words that you commonly use that are actually brand names, ranked from some that you’re quite likely to know to some you surely didn’t.

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