10 Most Exclusive Secret Societies in America

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Secret societies have always attracted public attention, and when it comes to the 10 most exclusive secret societies in America interest increases as many of these societies recruit their members when they are studying at college. Several public figures, including politicians, are known to have been members of such societies; Some of whom remain up to date loyal to their vows. All of these exclusive clubs do have designed numerous symbols, similar to the 5 Illuminati symbols and their origin presented to you in another article, aiming at increasing the prestige of a club, add historical depth to an order and in several cases share knowledge which can be understood or decoded by the insiders.

Most Exclusive Secret Societies in America

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At this point it would be useful to explain what we mean by labeling these societies as ‘secret’, because apparently they are not since we are aware of their existence. ‘Secret’ refers to the secrecy that surrounds their activities and the utter goals of such organizations. Their agendas are undisclosed to the public. These clubs are not necessarily elitist, yet they do choose their members based on specific prerequisites such as character, social or financial status and achievements. Moreover, several of these societies did not startup as ‘secret’, nonetheless political and religious pressure forced the leading members to hide their agendas, even protect the identities of their members. Last but not least, it is crucial to realize that most, if not all, of these clubs have international presence as a result of the cosmopolitan mentality the bulk majority of their members have.

So, after through research at University archives as well as obtaining information by interviewing individuals who happen to know in person and whom have memberships at such clubs, we present you the 10 most exclusive secret societies in America!

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