10 Cheapest Boarding Schools in America in 2018

A good education is a privilege and usually the best way to get it is to attend a boarding school, but if you are a low income family, here are 10 cheapest boarding schools in America in 2018.

What is a boarding school for? This is a question asked by many parents if they hadn’t attended one. Sure, everyone is full of praise for them, but what is it that separates boarding schools from the regular ones, apart from the fact the kids are sleeping outside their homes? One of the main reasons a child enrolls this kind of institution is the fact it prepares its students for colleges and usually has a close collaboration with some universities. If your child is attending boarding school, he or she must already have in mind what kind of college to apply for. What is more, he/she is going to grow up in a healthy and ambitious environment. Even if a child is a bit reluctant when it comes to studying, surely such surrounding will bring out the best in him/her and entice the child to strive harder. Low cost boarding schools for troubled youth are also an alternative for low income families, but we recommend that you should first look into finding high quality boarding schools that offer financial aid.

10 Cheapest Boarding Schools in America in 2018

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That is all nice and neat, but how much are boarding schools? How much is the average boarding school? How cheap are the cheapest boarding schools in America in 2018? Apparently, the average tuition fee for a boarding school is $38,850, as said by CollegeBound. Another frequent question is about the educational facilities which promise to teach your child discipline and responsibilities – military schools. The average cost of military school ranges from$30,000 to $40,000 as told by Sjms. Talking about discipline, another category of boarding schools that has taken off in recent years are low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth. If this interests you, Teen Challenge Schools can be of help by providing you with names and programs of most recommendable schools. Normally they are situated in wonderful nature (as is usually the case with boarding schools), but what sets them apart are special programs and professionals to deal with problematic behavior infused by various factors (e.g. dyslexia, hyperactivity, etc.).

Maybe you have already checked out our list of the most affordable boarding schools in America or the best Christian boarding schools for low income families. As for the schools from our list of cheapest boarding schools in America in 2018, we found them on Boarding School ReviewThoughCo, and Educatius and listed them according to their yearly tuition, from the highest to the lowest. Naturally, we searched the schools’ websites, too, and added some highlights that could help you decide (e.g. if they are Christian or non-denominational, which schools put an emphasis on sports and so on). Summer schools are excluded. None of the schools have such a low price to be free, but there really is such a thing as a free boarding school. Just check their list on Boarding Schools US. Usually, those schools are defined as 501c3 organizations, i.e. nonprofits that are tax-exempt. However, there is a general opinion that boarding schools which require yearly payments are better organized and more reliable. Apart from that, you should always check what kind of financial help a school is offering. Having a great financial aid system can turn out to be more helpful for your education fund than you originally anticipated.

Therefore, feel free to pick your favorite from our list of 10 cheapest boarding schools in America in 2018.