10 Biggest Trucking Companies In the World

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The 10 biggest trucking companies in the world are the unsung heroes of our modern day world. Logistics nowadays, or put simply – the flow of things from point A to point B – is a booming, complex business which slowly grows larger and more influential. After all, we are getting more and more used to sitting in our comfortable chairs while the men and women of these companies you are about to see put hard work, sweat and fuel in getting your newest appliance, gadget, toy or anything you might have ordered, from a thousand miles away. You, however, are far from the main focus point of these companies, given that virtually every business depends on the input of raw material and output of goods which may or may not depend on one of these trucking giants.

While in the past the delivery of goods mainly employed horse-drawn vehicles on land and ships across water, railroads became available and widespread which helped the global economy move faster and make bigger shifts. The invention of the internal combustion engine and the automobile, however, had a far more dramatic impact on the economy since the development of this new sort of vehicle made it able to go faster, restricted in its reach by nothing less than very rough terrain. People didn’t have to rely on animals or railroad companies to ship out their goods anymore, they could do it themselves with the convenience of their own truck or hire someone to do it for them with the same efficiency. Bigger transport vehicles first saw extensive use in military logistics in the first World War.  The eighteen wheelers that we know today came at a little bit later point in history.

Biggest Trucking Companies In the World


Earlier on, however unbelievable it might be for many of us, long distance trucking happened without AC, GPS, WiFi and other particularly pleasant features which we supposedly cannot do without today. Nowadays, however, in the cabin of any self-respecting trucker you can find a full set-up, including various threateningly complex knobs and buttons. Even so, this often does not go without a TV, perhaps, a resting area and various other luxuries one can afford to fit in a machine of that size. All of these are necessary on long distance travels since a driver can spend their whole day moving towards the set destination. Albeit some of these not being some of the biggest transport companies globally, they sure have it all. From the people who drive, to the people who make the big decisions, check out our list of the 10 biggest trucking companies in the world below, and if you’re interested, our list of the 10 biggest logistic companies in the world to give you more insight into the workings of these world known companies.

The ranking is based on the biggest transport companies in the world according to JOC.com with only those of them which specialize in trucking or have a trucking operation of considerable size have been listed in their order of appearance.

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