10 Biggest Influencers in History

Since ancient times, philosophers have been writing and creating amazing works which has catapulted them among the ranks of biggest influencers in history.

The works of famous historical people had a huge influence on everyone else, and the world and generations over generations are learning about their lives and what they accomplished. This is a very interesting topic to explore and to learn about, and it can bring you additional knowledge on certain things which you can use as your leverage to win in a specific debate or during your next trivia night. If you want to dig deeper, after getting to know who are some of the biggest influencers, you can also see who are the Top 10 Ancient Atheist Philosophers and Their Quotes.

10 Biggest Influencers in History

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Since the ancient philosophers we mentioned are atheists, you won’t learn anything about religion there. So, if you want to explore the topics to see what are the most influential religions today in the world with the biggest number of followers we recommend you to take a look at our list of the Most Popular Religions in The World. But, before you dig any deeper, let us first show you the historical figures that changed the world and rank them on our list of biggest influencers in history. They represent some of the greatest men in history, whose works still have a huge impact on the world and other people. We can even go as far to say the world wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have their works. Regardless of whether they did some good or contributed in developing or starting a new technology or religion, people are still creating documentaries and writing novels based on their works and children are still learning about them in schools.

In the 20th century, technology took the biggest wave, but let’s not forget that this was also the century when two world wars took place and many innocent people lost their lives. Many of the most influential people of the 20th century found their place on our list because of their deeds regardless of whether they did something good or something bad for the world because they still had a big influence on people and history. Our list happened to be compiled of male historical influences, but let’s not forget all the famous female historical figures who helped in creating the world a better place. Mother Theresa, for instance, is a famous missionary who helped the less fortunate and the hungry people. In addition to this, we cannot move forward without even mentioning Queen Elizabeth who brought peace in England and Marrie Curie who was one of the greatest physicians in the whole world.

In order to create our influential historical figures list, we used Business Insider, Explore The Med, and Konbini as our sources to find out who are some of the biggest influencers. After we collected the information from our sources, we created our list by ranking the influencers by the number of mentions on our sources and their position as well. The higher one influencer was ranked by our sources, the higher it was ranked on our list of the biggest influencers in history.

Now let’s take a look at our list and find out what the great influencers in history did to change the world.