10 Biggest HR Conferences In The World

Professional seminars are sometimes pretty boring, but the biggest HR conferences in the world sound like they’d be pretty entertaining.

One of the most important resources a business organization has is probably its human resource. People tend to be more efficient and productive when there’s a neutral party helping with menial paperwork or smoothing over conflict. I know there have been a lot of young startups that have been under fire lately for some issues that likely could have been solved if they had an HR department. HR departments also help with professional development. If you’ve had a job interview at any point, chances are you’ve had an HR phone screening prior to actually going into an in-person interview. Human resources departments do a lot more than you think.

10 Biggest HR Conferences In The World


Not all HR departments are Toby Flenderson from The Office. Rest assured, your future interactions with HR won’t be uncomfortable. HR conferences are held all over the world by HR associations, societies, and professionals to promote and achieve professional development. These events tend to encourage team building, so they’re like the lame summer camps you might have been forced to go to when you were in school, but a lot better because I’m sure people who attend them are being paid while they’re there. I wonder if any of these HR conferences are held in the biggest conference centers in the US.

In order to find some HR conferences, we took a look at Alpha Gamma, Recruitics, Events in America, and Data Fox. The more companies that participate in each conference, the higher it ranks on our list. This means that the biggest conference is the one that has the most participating countries and will therefore be at the top of our list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest HR conferences in the world.