10 Biggest Conference Centers in the US

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If you are looking for the perfect place to host the most prestigious annual meeting of your company, consider these 10 biggest conference centers in the US. Even though none of these amazing structures has found a place in the list of 11 most expensive buildings in the world, their constructions were also awfully expensive.

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Although almost all the conference centers in the US offer detailed information about their size, both exhibition Area and total Area, we have decided not to combine these two, but to create a list of biggest conference centers in the US only by the exhibition area. We think that the size of the exhibition area is more important than the size of the total area to all the people who are choosing the big enough conference center for their event. Even though parking space, number of rooms, or seats can also be important determinators when deciding which conference center is the most suitable for your big event, lacking space there can easily be overcome ( parking somewhere near, sleeping in the nearest hotel, standing up during the event), whereas lack of the actual exhibition space can’t.

We’ve searched through the internet, found various lists, and then checked information about the exhibition area for every conference center on those lists individually, and finally come with this list. Continue with the reading to find out the biggest conference centers in the US.

10. Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California

Exhibition space – approximately 815,000 sq ft 

Originally Anaheim Convention Center was opened as a basketball arena, and it was later developed into a convention center. Over the past few years, it’s gigantic exhibition hall has been extensively used for holding conferences, sports events, concerts and many other similar events. In terms of technological facilities, the exhibition arena is quite updated. It’s green and environmental-friendly features also add to its excellence. It was awarded 2012 Venue Excellence Award for its environmental efforts and sustainability practices.

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