10 Biggest Film Festivals In the World

Today we list the 10 Biggest Film Festivals in the World for you. Do you watch live shows from film festivals around the world? Are you a fan of glamor, and movie critic? Do you like to know how your favorite movie stars were dressed up, and what was the surprise of the evening? Who won the awards?

Well, we do too. As a true film fans, we visited several festivals, and had a great time. It’s great to see the stars in person, or if you’re lucky, take a picture with them, or make an interview. And the atmosphere can be really good; not like in 11 biggest music festivals in the world for sure, but after-parties are great. If you manage to enter such party, of course.

Biggest Film Festivals In the World

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We love film festivals, and there are many happening around the world almost the whole year. We list the 10 biggest and most important today; the ones where the most people come to, and the biggest stars attend. Some of the festivals you might be familiar with, or love attending didn’t make the cut, just because we looked for the biggest ones.

The 10 biggest film festivals in the world are:

10. Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai is the modern metropolis who grew from the desert, becoming more and more attractive by the year. The International Film Festival in Dubai started in 2004, and since then it grew rapidly (like everything in this city last years) to a level enough for entering our list of the biggest film festivals in the world. The festival is being held from December 10th to 17th. Many major movie stars appeared on the festival.

Biggest Film Festivals In the World