10 Biggest Cities in the US by Area

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Unbelievably, the 10 biggest cities in the US by area contains neither New York nor Los Angeles. You will find them on the top of The 20 Biggest Cities in the United States list. Though it can take upwards of four hours getting from one place in New York City to another, it’s just not that big. Population density in the two cities explains for the discrepency. We figure bigger the better might not be entirely true in this case.

Even more surprising is the fact that the top contenders in our list of 10 biggest cities in the US by area are one of the least populated ones. The top 4 cities on the list, for instance, are all in the state of Alaska, out of which only Anchorage has a notable population.


However, in any case, US is the 4th largest country area-wise and these cities being the largest in the country do cover a significant area on the earth and deserve some amount of attention for all the right reasons. If you are in the US and your LA dreams haven’t quite turned out as you hoped, look at our list below to find out which places you can move to that suffer no space crunch for one! And, if New York has started to seem too crowded for your tastes lately, you might just find the right city for you with a breath of uncongested air.

So let’s check out the 10 biggest cities in the US by area –

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