10 Best Ways to Use Ashley Madison to Get Laid

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If you are male you should probably try at least some of these best ways to use Ashley Madison to get laid.

Following the security breach in July 2015, which published the names and account details of some 30 million people on Ashley Madison, it seemed that the cheating platform was going down for good. The vast majority of experts agreed that there is no way Ashley Madison can recover after such a massive cock up. The data dump released by a hacker group called Impact Team contained information on AM’s customers’ names, credit cards, addresses, the whole nine yards. It even had data on Ashley Madison’s senior executives and a phone number of the CEO, Noel Biderman.

10 Best Ways to Use Ashley Madison To Get Laid


The immediate aftermath was horrific. The string of divorces, resignation and even few suicides devastated families around the world since hacked accounts came from some 40 countries. There were more than 1,200 Saudi Arabian email addresses registered on Ashley Madison and according to the Sharia law, adultery carries a death penalty in that country. Nobody’s head got chopped off, probably due to the fact that offenders were mostly males. Yet, as the initial outbursts settled down, experts starting poking around the data Impact Team released. Their findings were quite interesting.

Impact Team claimed right from the start that a vast majority of female accounts on Ashley Madison were fake. This caused a significant stir because the company’s policy is that only male members pay fees, while women join free of charge, in order to ensure equal numbers. However, it turned out that huge numbers of women chatting up men on Ashley Madison were, in fact, bots. To be precise, some 70,000 bots were created by the AM IT department in order to keep men clients busy and create their own version of “hot singles in your area”. The fembots were creating a lot of traffic and attracting many men into what is essentially a fraud.

Still, there are plenty of people who want to try their luck and try getting laid on Ashley Madison and find it one of the Best Tinder Alternatives for Dating. There are plenty of testimonies like this one of women who are actually using the site for its original purpose, finding some extra-marital fun. But with such abysmal ratio of men-women on AM, the deck is heavily stacked against you. It is simply a sausage fest, with a ratio of 13,405:1 in favor of men. Face it, it’s a buyers’ market. That is why we composed a list of advice on best ways to use Ashley Madison to get laid. We looked at the sources like Reddit and Laffaire which offer practical instruction on how to increase your chances. Laffaire is especially useful because it has been written from a female perspective and offers a glimpse into how the other side thinks. Hopefully, they will help you score.

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