10 Best States with Most Health Care Administration Jobs

Here is the list of 10 best states with most health care administration jobs where you can discover places which have the highest demand for professionals educated to perform administrative work in the medical sector. In order to create this ranking we searched for data about employments in four medical administrative occupations – health administrators, health information technicians, medical secretaries and medical transcriptionists. While there are many differences between these four occupations such as annual mean wage, educational requirements, future job growth, current employment opportunities, they have one thing in common – administrative workers in the medical sector secure that health system runs smoothly so patients can receive the care they deserve. Nowadays when doctors complain more than ever about loads of paperwork, the role of these professionals shouldn’t be underestimated.

10 Best States with Most Health Care Administration Jobs

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Before we turn to places with the highest demand for medical administrative workers, we will present the most important information regarding each of four occupations. Among four health admin occupations included in this ranking health administrators are best-compensated. Their mean annual wage is $109,370, and great majority is employed in hospitals while smaller share works in physicians’ offices, outpatient, and health care services. Those lucky enough to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry can earn as much as $216,910. Besides solid earnings, the occupation also offers excellent employment opportunities. Projection central estimates job growth at 16.7% or in number terms 14,050 new positions will open per year by 2024. Unlike other administration jobs in the health sector, medical managers are required to have BA or MA degree in health, public, business administration or similar. In addition employers also expect from job seekers some sort of experience in health care administration that can be acquired through the internship. Health administrators can pursue different career paths – they can work as nursing home administrators, clinical or health information managers, assistant administrators, etc.

Second most lucrative occupation in health administration is health information technician. There are around 200,000 people working in the field and their annual mean wage is $41,460. The occupation will see the job growth of 15.4% by 2024, which means that around 7,000 new positions will be open yearly.  Health information technicians organize and maintain medical data, and they must possess knowledge of electronic health records software so it is important that they keep pace with the most recent IT developments. Post-secondary diploma and associate degree, along with certificate such as Registered health information technician (RHIT), are main education requirements for the job.

Another administrative position in health care field is medical secretary. With more than half a million people working as medical secretaries in America the occupation offers the greatest number of jobs. The majority of secretaries is employed in physicians’ offices and hospitals and their annual mean wage is $35,060. Compared to other health admin occupation, medical secretaries earn the lowest salary. The good thing though is that occupation will experience the greatest increase in the number of jobs among health admin occupation. By 2024 it will record 20.5% job growth.

Finally, people searching for health admin jobs can consider working as a medical transcriptionist. The position is especially suitable for recent graduates with no prior experience as the main job requirement is converting recordings into written reports. However with an annual mean wage of $37,150 medical transcriptions are not among High Paying Medical Jobs for College Students and Graduates. In addition, the occupation, which already offers a relatively small number of jobs, will see 3.1% job decrease in the future. Finally, some employers prefer to hire candidates who have obtained a diploma from one-year medical transcription program.

In order to create the ranking of 10 best states with most health care administration jobs we took into account how many positions each state currently offers to four health administrative occupations by using data from Bureau of Labor Statistics. We also give you information about annual mean wages, also obtained from BLS, and costs of living in ranked places which we found at Missouri Economy. You will see that in many cases there is a direct correlation between salary and costs of living – those living in costly states usually earn more than their colleagues working in cheaper states. However, there are always exceptions to the rule as you will see on this list of best states with most health care administration jobs.